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Thursday, March 27, 2014

List of Fake Lululemon Shopping Sites

I have received so many messages, comments and requests for a blog piece that lists all the sites that are known to sell counterfeit Lululemon. 

The list I have compiled will include sites that sell counterfeit Lululemon, are a front for identity theft and have been known to never send the products purchased.  Either case, please read carefully, familiarize yourself with these sites and do not make the mistake that many before you have made of making a purchase from any of them.  *updated April 7/14 * updated April 13/14 *updated April 13/14 *updated April 15/14 * updated April 21/14 * update September 17/14  *updated September 17/14

Keep in mind that most of these sites have stolen the Lululemon website's interface therefore the site looks very similar to the authentic one.  But a good way to verify is by reading the descriptions (most are in broken English), checking the photographs used (most sites have the clothing on mannequins not models) and be educated with the product.

Other blog pieces that will give you more information on this subject.

Thank you to my readers who continue to be vigilant on this subject.  As always, if you come across any other site not included on this list let me know and I will include it.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Yogasmoga - Review

I came across this brand a few months ago when I was searching for alternatives to Lululemon.  The name intrigued me - Yogasmoga - what a unique name.  In Hindi, it is traditional to rhyme words and similar items - hence the name "Yogasmoga" - "yoga and the things that go with it". 

"The New York-based company was founded by former Goldman Sachs executive Rishi Bali, and he’s passionate about addressing both old world and new world yoga concerns. “I feel like theLululemons and Athletas are clothing companies that are taking advantage of yoga,” Bali says. “We’re different. I want to be a yoga company. And I want to do everything [clothing-wise] at a higher level.” Obsessing over luxuries like performance fabric and color technologies price the line at $49 to $109."  Well And Good NY

I was delighted to be able to review several of their products including a couple of items from the Yogasmoga's new line and colors.  

My package arrived within a couple of days of shipment which is incredible considering the items were shipped from New York to Vancouver.  Nothing like opening a parcel and you immediately feel the care that went into packaging your items - wrapped in beautiful tissue and a handwritten thank you note included.  Oh and let's not forget the "Feel The Smogi Love" pin included.

My package included the Yogasmoga Tippy Toe Legging in Grey Caviar and Spanish Grey/Seattle Mist colors. The Yogasmoga Twistie Tank in Everest Avalanche and the Yogasmoga Run Jump n' Play Crop in Seattle Mist /Mosaic Grey.  

Tippy Toe Legging

I used the Yogasmoga Tippy Toe Legging to practice yoga and I was thoroughly impressed with the flexibility of the legging.  I took them for an early morning run and loved the warmth and softness.  The fabric is beautifully thick - no see-through issues with these leggings.  I had two colors to try on - Grey Caviar which can be described as a charcoal grey and Spanish Grey/Seattle Mist - a very light grey and lavender (waistband) combination. These can be paired with any other color tank/bra for a great look.

Yogasmoga - Tippy Toe Legging - Grey Caviar

Yogasmoga - Tippy Toe Legging - move with you

Yogasmoga - Tippy Toe Legging - Spanish Grey/Seattle Mist

Yogasmoga -Spanish Grey/Seattle Mist waistband

I paired the Tippy Toe Leggings with their new Twistie Tank in Everest Avalanche color - a very soft cream color.  A perfect color to combine with any other.  I received these in a size 6.  I am normally a size 4 in tanks therefore these fit a bit on the loose side.  I am not sure if a size 4 may have been tighter.  I like my tanks with a tight fit therefore I would choose a size 2 in these to achieve that look.  

Like some other brands, these have a built in shelf bra with pockets to allow for inserts - I have several spare cup inserts so I used them for the photos.  I am not sure if normally they are sent with the item but I am sure it is something to ask their customer service.  The shelf bra is "double lined front with delicate highly breathable Auro Mesh Fabric, which combines generous breathability with delicate design to give you a sexy little secret."  The logo is placed on the center back of the tank - flat stitching to prevent chaffing.  Soft gentle straps so no hard digging on skin. I found the length of the Twistie tank a bit long for my preference.  I prefer a shorter tank.

Twistie Tank in Everest Avalanche color

Logo Placement on the Twistie Tank
Twistie Tank length

I fell in love with the Yogasmoga Run Jump N' Play Crop - a really flattering pair of crops.  The Seattle Mist/Mosaic Grey color combination is stunning.  Beautiful! Also no see-through issues with this color combination.
Yogasmoga Run Jump N' Play Crop - Seattle Mist/Mosaic Grey

Lots of flexibility in these crops

waistband stays in place and no muffin top

Like the Tippy Toe Legging, the Run Jump N' Play crop has 2 hidden pockets - one in the inner waistband and the other discretly placed on the back of the waistband. The logo placement for these crops in found on the center back of the waistband.  All Yogasmoga pants have the diamond gusset lined with the highly breathable Auto Mesh Fabric.  These will be also become my go to crops for my runs when the weather gets warmer.

The Fabric

Smogi Bucks

One of the things that attracted me to this company (besides the quality and beautiful clothing) is their referal and reward program.  Smogi Bucks as they call it, is a way for them to say thank you to their customers for their purchases.  1 Smogi Bucks = $1.  And if you refer a friend to them, you receive 25 Smogi Bucks for future purchases.  A fabulous deal!

If that is not enough - Shipping is Free to the US! And to Canada too

The Namaskar Foundation was created by Yogasmoga as a way to give back to the locations around the world where textile production is typically done.  

"YOGASMOGA has coordinated the manufacture and sales of hand woven bracelets that are being made on handlooms in remote villages of the Himalayas. These hand woven bracelets are sold by YOGASMOGA for $10 and Net Proceeds of all sales will be donated to the NAMASKÁR Foundation."

If I have to compare Yogasmoga to Lululemon in terms of quality, I would say Yogasmoga's quality is what "old lulu" used to be - above and beyond.  I am so impressed with their customer service, their values, their ethics and their attention to detail. Not only I am glad I found them I am very excited for their success.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

BREAKING: Lululemon Has a New CEO and Chip Steps Down

Lululemon announced the appointment of their new CEO - Former President of Toms Shoes Laurent Potdevin.  Current CEO Christine Day stepped down in June of this year.  In addition, Chip Wilson has announced his resignation as Chairman of the Board but will maintain a seat on the Board of Directors.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Beware Of Fake Lululemon - Cyber Monday

Thank you to a reader for bringing this site to my attention.  For all of you searching for Cyber Monday deals beware of

PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THIS SITE!  DO NOT BUY FROM THIS SITE!  I have written many posts about this subject.  Please read them and educate yourself and don't fall prey to these scammers.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Beware Of Fake Lululemon - Part X

Because of the vigilance of my regular readers, I am able to gather information on sites that keep scamming people with their sales of counterfeit Lululemon.  

A few months ago, I wrote a piece about a site called "", the site has since been taken down.  However, the owners of this site have reopened under a new name.  One of my readers and unfortunately a previous buyer received an email inviting her to the new site:

hi ..., now our site change to, on this site we have more brand and product, as coach bags, lululemon yoga, nike shoes, under armour clothes, oakley sunglasses, NHL jerseys, etc, recent can pay by paypal, visa and western union, if your order total quantity above 8 pcs(can mix different items) is free shipping.if below 8 pcs need to pay 18$ per order.  the discount policy is:amount 500-700$ will get 4% off, 701-1000$ will get 6% off, 1001-1500$ will get 8% off, above 1500$ will get 10% off.(one order amount),  about the detail pls visite our site or send email to thanks! hoon.

As the email indicates, they are selling a large selection of "name brand" products at "wholesale" prices.  They are offering multiples with additional discounts.

This is what the site looks like:

Please don't fall prey to these people.  Do your homework and educate yourself on this subject.  Ask questions.  If it's too good to be true....

Thank you to all my readers who keep me in the know.

I invite you to visit my store for authentic Lululemon 

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Black Friday Sales 2013 - Lululemon

I've been hearing rumors that Lululemon may have a surprise sale this weekend.  Both in store and on-line.  Please don't kill the messenger - I did say it was a rumor so if it doesn't happen don't blame me.

In the meantime, check out my store as I am clearing out all my Lululemon inventory.  Readers receive an additional 10% discount of the published price simply by sending a message via the blog.

Happy Shopping!

Enter Sale here!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Beware Of Fake Lululemon Part IX

Another counterfeit Lululemon site has been brought to my attention.  This one uses the exact interface as Lulu's e-commerce site.  The name of this site is Lululemon Outlet and the address is The pictures and graphics are the same but the titles and wordings are not.  It is very easy to spot one of these fake sites.  It is like a scavenger site - or a "Where is Waldo?" site.  

  • Look for the wording to be different
  • Check for spelling errors - usually there are plenty
  • Most of these pages are written in broken English - most of these sites are from China.
  • The pictures are not uniform - some are copies from the Lululemon site, others are on mannequins.
  • Price - if that is not a clue, I don't know what is.  If it's too good to be true, it usually is.  There is a reason for this saying.
  • Before shopping at any of these sites look for the above if you are still not sure send them a message and wait for a reply.  Usually, the replies begin with "My Dear" , "Dear", "My Dearest", "My Darling" and broken English throughout the message.

Frankly, I find it irritating that these sites try so hard to copy-cat Lululemon's site but don't try hard enough to hide their flaws.

A poor copy of the Lululemon interface

Trying to copy the Lululemon site

Most of those colors were never made by Lululemon

Page littered with spelling errors

Broken English and misspelled words including "lulumon"

Refer to my many other posts of this subject to read about other sites - some have shut down and some are still operating. Buyer beware.

Let me know if you come across another site.


Friday, November 15, 2013

Lululemon Sale! Up To 50% Off

After 10 years in business, I am closing my Ebay store.  It's been a great ride but it's now time for a change.  This business allowed me the opportunity to be a stay home parent and raise my children. Those children are all grow up and moving on with their lives.  Now it is time to move on with mine.  

I have put my entire inventory on sale.  Every item in the store has been discounted up to 50% off.  Hundreds of items are up for grabs while quantities last.  

Check out the link and if you find something you want to purchase, email me via the blog and I will give you an extra 10% off the lowest price!  I'm only able to add an extra discount via this blog.  If you purchase directly through the Ebay store, then you will pay the published price.  

Happy shopping!



Thursday, November 14, 2013

Beware Of Fake Lululemon - Part VIII

These sites are continually popping up - it almost seems like no matter how much awareness we bring to people, these sites continue to profit from unsuspected buyers.

Here is the latest scammer that is crawling the internet - the address is - the name, Canada Lululemon Clothing Outlet Sale.  They claim to be "powered by Lululemon Athletica" 

Products they offer

Their tag line

Using Lululemon Copyright 
I have not ordered from these people therefore I am unable to say if the orders are indeed fulfilled. Some of the reports I have received from several of these sites is that no only are the products received counterfeit but some of the buyers never receive anything.  In other words, these sites are used as fronts to steal credit card information.  In either case, please be diligent when shopping online - You can only find authentic Lululemon clothing at and of course at my Ebay store -


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