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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Lululemon Gratitude Wrap - It's Back!

Lululemon Gratitude Wrap
The Lululemon Gratitude Wrap is being re-released to the masses tomorrow. But in typical Lululemon fashion it is being supplied in limited quantities thereby creating a feeding frenzy among the yoga and lulu crazed enthusiasts. 

Lulu teased us on their Facebook fan page on Monday: 
"We're sharing our 'Gratitude' this week. What are you grateful for?"
However, it now appears that the Lululemon Gratitude Wrap or GW as most of us call it, will only be released in Canadian retail stores and both sides of the website (US and Canada).

Lululemon Gratitude Wrap
This response per Lululemon Facebook fan page:

Hey Everyone,

Thanks for all the feedback, I can completely understand your concerns. The allocations of our products depends on a number of factors. I'm not sure why the Gratitude Wrap will not be available in our US stores, but it will be coming to both sides of our website tomorrow morning. We know our online guests are super excited about the return of this garment and that was one of the reasons we wanted to make sure it was available to both the US and Canada. We'll definitely be sharing your feedback with our team for the future.
Lululemon's marketing techniques are brilliant - with very little advertisement and all their popularity based on word of mouth they have created a cult like phenomena for their products. 

Lululemon Gratitude Wrap
The hottest topic on many Facebook groups is the GW. From request for members to purchase GW's for them to new twitter accounts created specifically to keep track of the action. Ladies are planning their mornings and work schedules or better yet missing their work to make sure they are ready when the Lululemon Gratitude Wrap drops online. 

Description per tag:

From savasana to the street this wrap fits it all
Made with french terry light
Snap it up to suit your style!
Pockets to keep your hands cozy
Drawstring at hem and collar to keep the cold out
Hidden thumbholes keeps sleeves in place
Some of the colors that are being released are:

Black Swan (A dark purple)
Ivory/white (not sure on the name yet - will update as soon as I know)

So will you be one of the ones waiting all night, refreshing the page and adjusting your work schedule so not to miss the highly sought after Lululemon Gratitude Wrap

Here is hoping the powers that be have made sure the online website is ready for the traffic from the many lulu addicts that are about to hit the "add to cart" button.

Good luck!


  1. That looks comfy! I could cozy up in one of those. Thanks for linking up with us today for the bloghop! :)


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