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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Naked Lululemon?

When I opened the Lululemon website page this morning I was greeted by "Naked Lululemon" !

Needless to say I was somewhat surprised and a bit taken aback but once the shock wore off, I realize it was a derivation of the original - a marketing technique playing on the recent pictures released by ESPN magazine Body Issue. 


The first picture is simulating the one released of Ryan Kesler from the Vancouver Canucks who is featured as one of the many athletes in their Body Issue.

I personally don't have anything against it but from the reading the many posts on other websites, others don't share my same sentiment. Many find it offensive and rude and "freaky". I for one find it clever and very beautiful. Kudos to the model for having the courage to pose this way and Kudos to Lulu for their brilliant marketing campaign.

Update: Since I posted this, I learned that the model featured in this campaign is Jenn Thiel - Jenn is a fantastic inspiring person. Her blog Smile With Your Heart (which I discovered recently) has added a new perspective to my daily life. I love reading about her adventures, inspirations and dreams. But recently Jenn wrote about taken a break because of some hurtful things said about her as a result of this campaign. I was very saddened to read things but I understand her decision. Jenn, I want to let you know that you are amazingly beautiful and courageous for putting yourself out there. I commend you and admire you and I have to say I am a bit envious of your adventurous spirit. Kudos to you and I can't wait hear all about it in 40 days!

If you want to see the picture of Ryan Kesler or the pictures of all the athletes featured in the ESPN Body Issue visit ESPN The Magazine: Bodies We Want 2011 Issue

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