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Monday, January 30, 2012

Lululemon Warehouse Sale - 2012

2012, what a year for Lululemon enthusiasts! 2 Lululemon warehouse sales were planned and organize this year - one for the US and one for Canada. Ottawa, being the nations capital was the location for the first warehouse sale. January 20-22 were the dates chosen and hundreds of Lululemon fans made the trip some as far as BC hoping to snatch some amazing deals. Many shoppers were satisfied with the prices and findings, others were disappointed.  Some reported waiting a total of 6 hours from the time they lined up to the time they left. According to reports, vehicle traffic from the warehouse sale caused serious traffic issues for the Ottawa International Airport.

Picture courtesy Ottawa Citizen

Picture courtesy Ottawa Citizen
Picture courtesy
A few years ago, I was able to attend the Lululemon warehouse sale in Kelowna, BC. My family and I happen to be on vacation - traveling around BC and Alberta in a motor home during the weekend of the sale. We went on the last day, in the afternoon and did not have to wait in line to enter. The location was very well organized and clearly laid out for the guests. We waited in line for only a few minutes to check out. Our experience was really positive. But I remember reading that during the first couple of days it was very hectic for most shoppers. 

The second location chosen for this years Lululemon warehouse sale is Chicago - January 27-29  Reports so far indicate that is a success - but then again what do you expect from the Lululemon Powers that be! The Facebook events page created for the Chicago warehouse sale shows over 5500 attending (who knows if that number is accurate) and all comments so far are positive and according to most "so worth it!"

I would love to see a version of this sale on line, but personally I don't think Lulu's server could handle the massive load - this was proven when Lululemon re released their famous Lululemon Gratitude Wrap in Oct 2011. The site crashed and many shoppers were left disappointed.  

Here is hoping next years sale comes closer to its original home Vancouver, BC.

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