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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sh*t Blah,Blah, Blah Say Parodies - Lululemon

Perhaps I am alone in this or perhaps I have no sense of humor but to be perfectly honest I don't find all these parodies - Sh*t Yogis Say, Sh*t White Girls Say, Sh*t Asian Dads Say blah, blah, blah funny at all! These are all a craze and seem to be popping up for whatever topic. The latest I've seen is Sh*t Lulu Addicts Say - created by a member of one of the groups I frequent. Don't get me wrong I applaud the effort but I just don't get the humor - sorry just my opinion. 

Please understand that this post was written to express an opinion on a type of parody that has become a craze. Not to particularly single out a person or a video. It is not intended to offend or maliciously criticize a particular person or persons. Rude and unnecessary comments will not be published. Opinions are welcome, insults are not.


  1. Thanks for reading "Betty", BTW, you may benefit from grammar lessons..."your a bitch" should be spelled "you're a bitch" just so next time you take the time to leave a comment some where you should also take the time to actually spell it correctly. :)

  2. I agree with you. Part of the problem in this video is the delivery is way off...the person seems unable to deliver a sentence fluidly and naturally and it's just...bad. No matter what the material is, it would be bad. I think there are some good videos (Sh*T Girls Say and Sh*t Nobody Says) but beyond that, all these parodies kinda...fall flat. This is one of the worst, for sure.

  3. That's too bad that you don't find these funny or "get the humour". You are missing out and you are probably not alone. They are a good laugh and "Laughter is good for your health" (Helpguide).

    Couldn't help but throw in a reference. Probably not scholarly but I didn't want to use wiki.

    Nice blog.

  4. The video was created for a Facebook group of about 1200 people. Wasn't really meant for the general public.

  5. The video was created for a Facebook group of about 1200, you're right but it was posted on YouTube which is a public forum (that is where I obtained it), therefore meant for the general public.

    Laughter is good for your health - absolutely!

    @Susan Wong - not rude in the least. What is rude is for you to assume that this young man is special needs. As a matter of fact, I happen to know he is not at all and is a very talented young man. He runs his own blog if you care to check it out.

  6. As a member of the group of 1200 people I think he did a piss-poor job and it was an attention-seeking move. I got the just wasn't funny. The second video was worth.

    He needs to work on his ability to read.

  7. Really people, is it really necessary to write rude comments. Cant you all just be good people and leave negative ones to yourself.

    People need to mature...

  8. WOW- seriously?? like Eric said, is it really necessary? if this is how adults talk I am very scared for today's children. Clearly it was for fun and he should not be judged for not delivering sentences "fluidly" or for being a "special needs person"- it appears that you are very uneducated to be throwing around terms like that.

  9. Did anyone actually take the time to read the write up? This piece was about whether these types of videos where funny! Not about making fun or ridiculing others! Rude comments are not welcome and are now being deleted. Unfortunately, because of ignorant people who obviously lack the ability to read, the video has been removed. Your rude comments are not welcome.

  10. I have to say I did 'get it' as I am a member of that group, but I did not find it as funny as it had the potential to be. If it had more emotion/was not as monotone I think I would have found it more humorous. If he redoes it and delivers the lines more fluidly and with even a hint of emotion I would definitely watch that. I just lost interest over the constant stumbling over lines :(


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