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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Lululemon Swimwear - Already Recalled!

Picture courtesy Lulumum - Flash/Wee Stripe color
Many of the latest colors Lululemon has been putting out lately have had bleeding issues and it seems that the new swimwear line is no exception.  Lululemon product testing department must be asleep at the wheel - do they not test these items prior to releasing them to the public? Who is running this gong show lately?  Apparently, most items with the flash/wee stripe and blush quartz color combination have been pulled off the shelves and offline. (Find which items came in these combinations here)

As well, it appears that some of the pieces when wet become see through! What? This is a SWIM LINE! Common sense will say to test them in the water prior to launching the line! 

Color bleeding issues became apparent when Lululemon introduced their Paris Pink color line. Customers began complaining of the color bleeding when washed by itself and staining other items if washed together. Lululemon was soon to respond by attaching a warning sticker to the tags (apparently, that same warning sticker is being attached to the swim line) and including a washing instruction sheet with all purchases.  As well some of the pieces were recalled and refunds were offered to buyers who were not satisfied (Lululemon's refund policy is probably one of the worst in the business considering the cost of the items). Whatever happened to learning from your mistakes?

If you have purchased any of these pieces that have manufacturers defects, call the GEC at 1-877-263-9300 or chat live at or email them at  I believe a refund is being offered for those purchases.

Something tells me, heads need to roll.

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