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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A New Twist On The Lululemon Manifesto
While doing some research today, I came across a site called - they have taken the Lululemon Manifesto to a whole new level! 

I hate to say it but they hit the nail on the head.

"we've gone international! that is as of 2009 83% of our merchandise is made in China and Southeast Asia" - Yes! as if you are a Lululemon lover like myself know that quality has suffered and the amount of counterfeit lulu merchandise has increased enormously since then.

"stretchy pants: $98 tiny reflective logo: priceless" Yes! And if you live in Australia, you know that price has increased an additional 30%.  

"sometimes you've got to go with the flow. Like when we were forced to stop advertising health benefits from our magic seaweed clothing because for one thing, they contained no seaweed."  A controversial issue Lulu faced back in the day when they had to apologize for the lack of information and misinformation on their products.

The original Lululemon Manifesto is found below -  reading this on the original site ( gives the opportunity to click on each statement and it directs to the story behind it. Very interesting.

Original Lululemon Manifesto

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