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Saturday, May 12, 2012

What Do You Do With Your Lululemon Reusable Shopping Bag?

Shower curtain photo courtesy Anna Sun
Being an avid Lululemon shopper, I have buckets full of those red Lululemon reusable shoppers - you know the ones we all get when we shop at Lulu. I decided to do some research and ask other Lululemon "experts" (in other words shoppers aka lulu addicts) and find out what they do with all those lulu shoppers they collect.  I receive some awesome answers but one was so unique I had to share.

Another view of the shower curtain
A very creative gal decided to take all those shoppers and make a very unique shower curtain. Talk about creativity! Anna says she took all the bags and joined them with ribbon and then used the fabric handles to finish the edges.  She has promised to write up a tutorial for those wanting to create their own.  Kuddos Anna!

From my research I gather that the majority use their shoppers for grocery shopping.  Others as a gym bag or to carry toys and extra kids clothing.  I also found that a few use them for travel - as a packing bag for shoes or for dirty laundry. And most of the small ones are used as lunch bag.

Another unique idea that was mentioned was creating a table cloth for picnics, a picnic mat or a tent sheet. 

I have hundreds of these!
Myself, I use them for my groceries like the majority (my car trunk is full of them and drives my hubby crazy!). However, years ago when my daughter was younger, I used the small ones as a loot bag for birthday parties - stuffed them with a headband and a small candy bar and put tissue in them.  The girls loved them!

I have some lulu shoppers going back 5 or 6 years (I think) they seem to last forever!  I also have kept some as collectibles.  I really like the ones that have a snap for closure.  The zipper ones didn't last as long for me as the zipper area seemed to rip easily.  

From the 2010 Olympics
The lulu reusable bag doesn't go without controversy. Back in 2010 many of the bags were voluntarily recalled by Lulu because of concerns of lead contamination. Here is the full article.  I still own a few of the recalled bags.  

In 2008, the bags were also believed to contain controversial hidden messages.  And recently, they sparked a new controversy with their "Who is John Galt" message printed on the bags. Read an article on this issue.  Regardless, these bags are very popular and it is a fantastic marketing idea.  I honestly, can't go one day without seeing someone using one.  

More of a tote
So do you keep these bags? Do they pile up in the trunk of your car? Do you have buckets full of them in your home?  What do you do with your Lululemon reusable shopper?

Great for lunches
Circa 2007?



  1. I have been looking to buy the white lululemon tote. Have you thought about selling any of your bags. I would love to purchase 2-3 of them.

  2. For those of you interested in purchasing some of these vintage reusable bags - send me a message with your request

  3. Hi! If you are interested in purchasing some of my vintage lulu reusable bags either shoot me a message ( or visit my ebay store where they will be listed Thanks for your interest!

  4. how do I get one of those bags?

  5. Would anyone be willing to donate their Lululemon reusable bags? I'm looking for 20 of the larger sized ones for my students this year for take-home activity bags. Contact me at if you're willing/able to donate!

  6. check out

  7. This is an amazing idea! I really wish i had more than 3 bags :(

  8. Hi I am doing a yoga party fundraiser for my neighborhood. I would be interested in purchasing some of your bags. Are you still
    Selling them

  9. Hi!
    I most certainly do! What size are you interested in and how many?

  10. Hi I am the event coordinator for a not-for-profit charity that promotes health and would love to offer lululemon bags as our "swag bags", as they promote a healthy lifestyle. Would need about 100-150. Is this possible and how much?

  11. Hi

    Unfortunately, I don't have that many in stock anymore.


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