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Monday, June 18, 2012

A Lululemon Barbie?

It's a Barbie, It's a Yoga Barbie, No! It's another Lululemon Ad campaign going bust! You think they learn from their previous blunders - seriously! Lululemon needs to re think their campaign techniques - or perhaps it is all a ploy to create a frenzy - you know the old saying "there is no such thing as bad publicity".

I guess Lululemon thought it was funny to capitalize on the new yoga Barbie Mattel has recently released by spoofing the "plastic image" of Barbie. It is all fun and games until you hit a nerve.  Customers took to Facebook to voice their concerns and by the looks of it they are not happy.  There is also a video that goes with this campaign from Lulu’s VP of women’s design Deanne Schweitze. In the video she expresses her "excitement" to “elevate the doll industry from mediocrity to greatness one pair of XXXS groove pants at a time.” Unfortunately, Lululemon has now made this video "private" so I can't share it here.  This campaign was clearly designed as a joke - one that customers did not find very funny.

"If Lululemon thinks the yoga community is conversing about Barbies and clothes for dolls, then clearly they have lost all touch with their customers. Joke or not, it's just silly to be so glib when there are issues with the core practices of your institution--customer service, technical quality, and price gouging. It may just be yoga pants to you, but for the men and women who spend their hard earned cash expecting the quality and durability you have previously been known for it is about consumer respect. Brand loyalty is earned by providing a fantastic product, not by flash and dazzle media stunts" ~ Julie
'I usually am the type who prefers self deprecating/dry/gallows humor. But this is just stupid. I found the poser bag cute. I don't know who vets your marketing campaigns, I assume there are 1000 overpaid marketing execs. They are out of touch and not "edgy" or creative. I work in corporate retail and would be ashamed of my company if this is their idea of "provacative" marketing. And I feel even more stupid as a consumer. Lulu, I am your core demographic : fit, like to pretend I'm fashionable; and most importantly, I have disposable income. Seriously, get it together. At least Athleta has petites." ~ Karen
"I hate this marketing campaign, I really, really do. Along with the last few. But I also have to say that I believe the majority of employees at the front line aren't 'in on it' as far as knowing the goals of this as a marketing campaign. To them it may have been explained as simply as 'this is just a fun little joke we did' but really its much more than that. I am bothered by the decisions that are made at the top of the chain here.

After the John Galt campaign, Christine Day said in an interview that the bags were sent out accidentally prior to the literature that was going to give us the appropriate context of the quote but they decided (after the backlash) to not release that literature that supported their 'innocent quote' because it would seem like they are on the defensive.

please, get focused on the product. These gimmick campaigns are not helping to grow your business and they do not deflect from the quality issues that have been going on. It magnifies all of the issues and it alienates your consumers that are a demographic of critically thinking, intelligent, none plastic or vapid women that can see right thru these ridiculous ploys." ~ Cristina

Lululemon responded by deleting the entire campaign off their site and removing the video off YouTube - However, according to their reps on Facebook this was only supposed to be a weekend "funny" so the joke is over.
 Lululemon Athletica Hi Everyone,
Our intention was to have some fun this weekend and spark conversation with our Perfect Balance collection (to be 100% clear, we're not actually making clothes for dolls ;)). Since the clothing is no longer up on, the Perfect Balance collection video has gone into our archives in order to avoid any future confusion for our guests. Thanks for a weekend packed with conversation and passion!
~ Siya

Luckily there is a thing called the blogger sphere! All you have to do is Google Lululemon Barbie and you can read all about it!  Once is out there....

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