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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Beware of Fake Lululemon - Part III

I have written two previous posts (Lululemon: Beware of Fake Lululemon - Police Warn  and Beware of Fake Lululemon Part II) where I have provided detailed information on sites found online that sell fake Lululemon.  

A couple of new sites have popped up that I believe are worth mentioning - The first one is Bench Clothing. Ca.  This is an online store based in China claiming to be a wholesaler of Lululemon, Bench, TNA, True Religion and many other designer items.  As previously mentioned, Lululemon does not sell their products wholesale or in bulk.  These are counterfeit items!

If you look close enough you can see the stitching quality on the hoodie do not match!
Your first clue should be the pricing - if it's too good to be true....And then take a look at the quality.  Lululemon is known for their craftsmanship on their items.  Their attention to detail is above and beyond.  The third picture above shows a "lululemon" hoodie with poor stitching - the stitching for the OM symbol around the zipper does not match.

Here is their disclaimer to authenticity: 

2. Are Your Products Authentic?
All the products are not original but come from the factories which have solid ties with original brands. We send and ship all the items directly from China factories. Therefore, we get same quality products at a much lower price

Wholesale Lululemon is another site that claims to sell wholesale Lululemon clothing.  I came across this site via this blog  They advertise for Wholesale Lululemon Clothing and have their pictures and articles linked to this site. This site is very similar if not identical to the one mentioned above (they have the same disclaimer).  I wouldn't be surprised if they are one in the same!

This the blog that links to the site below

As always you will find 100% authentic Lululemon clothing at my store - - I welcome any and all of your questions regarding this subject.  Happy shopping!


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