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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Vega Energizing Smoothie - My Review

I have been hearing a lot about Vega products lately from a friend who swears by it. She gave me a packet of the Vega Energizing Smoothie in Tropical Tango flavor to try.  

Vega is plant based therefore very different from other protein supplements in the market.  One of these packets is equivalent to two servings of veggies and includes 10g of complete protein, 5 g of fibre and 1 g of Omega 3. (dairy, gluten and soy free - no sugar added)

There are 3 different serving suggestions:  Mix with 1 cup of ice-cold water, juice or non dairy beverage. Shake and go.  (can also be added to your favorite smoothie as a nutrient boost).

I chose to add it to a cup of Happy Planet Organic Tropical Tango (100% juice and puree blend - no sugar added - all natural) .  I mix all my protein drinks with either almond milk, milk (but this calls for no dairy) or juice (as I really don't like them with plain water) I have to admit the drink was incredibly sweet! Now I don't know if that is because it was mixed with juice but I could not finish it.  Yuk!  If I would have had another few packets, I could have tried it with different serving suggestion and see if sweetness is common.

Vega carries a variety of products but keep in mind their price point is very high - you can find them at some local supermarkets or online

I have reached out to Vega to obtain further samples of their products and try it different ways - I believe this is a product that a lot of people including myself may benefit from so I am hoping they will respond. 

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