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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Beware Of Fake Lululemon - Part V

Style Me By Terri-Lynn Cloutier - Counterfeit Lululemon
The Beware Of Fake Lululemon Shame List keeps growing!

A reader brought a new Facebook Page to my attention recently.  This lady has a store via Facebook selling counterfeit merchandise including Lululemon. The page goes under the name "Style Me by Terri-Lynn Cloutier" and it is based out of Grande Prairie, Alberta.  Presently, she seems to be concentrating on Lululemon and Bench apparel.  There are a couple of sites that I have previously mentioned on other posts that specialize in "wholesaling" these particular items. I would not be surprised if this is where she is sourcing her merchandise.  Read about those sites here

Most of her descriptions mention placing orders on particular days.  Be aware that Lululemon DOES NOT sell wholesale and therefore no one is able to place an order with them.  Below is the comparison between an authentic Lululemon Scuba hoodie and a really bad counterfeit (picture obtained from Style Me by Terri-Lynn Cloutier).  The hoodie on the left (white) shows the perfect OM (lululemon's logo) on the front of the jacket.  The one on the right (red) is a pathetic attempt at the OM symbol.  I am sure if we were to examine the red one up close more flaws would be found.

"Lululemon Scuba Hoodie" - FAKE

Lululemon Scuba Hoodie - Authentic

Counterfeit Lululemon Define Jacket -No explanation required, the bad stitching and the non existent color is proof enough -  Ebay Seller pink_soda122
An Ebay seller has come to my attention that is supplying counterfeit Lululemon.  pink_soda122 is selling fake Lululemon Define Jackets, Lululemon Scuba Hoodies and Bench clothing.  I suspect this person is obtaining their merchandise from the same supplier as the above dealer.  When questioned about the authenticity of their items this is the response received.  

There are many Ebay sellers who are reputable and sell authentic Lululemon. Do your research! If the price is too good to be true  - hence the saying - it usually is.

Update:  If a person is approaching you to place an order for lulu at a "great price" and they tell you that they will be placing their order with either Lulu or their supplier - it is not true! Legitimate sellers of authentic Lululemon are not able to order pieces from Lululemon and there are no suppliers of authentic Lululemon especially from China!  If you come across other sites or sellers who are selling counterfeit Lululemon, send me message and will continue to add them to the shame list.


  1. Stumbled across googling the topic Bc fake lulu is a whole new concept for me! I had no clue people would do that- its bad enough selling counterfeit products, it's worse when you are charging lulu prices! After my store was out of the crop I wanted time and time again, I resorted to eBay. Only to buy some and have a feeling they were fake- my local Lulu confirmed it.

    Seller is pandasworkshop

  2. Thank you for the information. I will add this seller to our list of shame :)

  3. pandasworkshop has been reported to Ebay repeatedly for selling fakes. I would love to see your list of shame! I probably could add a few.

  4. Thanks for the info and for sharing your information regarding Terri-Lynn Cloutier. If you read all the pieces I have written about fakes, it contains names and websites of counterfeit dealers - that's my shame list. :)

  5. There is someone on my local "lululemon swap and buy" facebook page, who is selling 8-10 items weekly. Always new without tag. I find it extremely suspicious. Is there any way I could prove that they are fake items?

  6. Aliexpress has 20 lulu pants

  7. thank you for sharing. I will add them to the list.


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