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Friday, September 7, 2012

More Lululemon Stores Coming

Christine Day, Lululemon CEO, announced today that 35 new corporate stores will open as well as 2 new outlets. (see full story) No specific locations were mentioned.  She also mentioned the steps they are taking to protect themselves from others copying their products.  Obviously, she was referring to the lawsuit filed against Calvin Klein for copying the design of one their popular pants (the Astro pant) - (story)

I wonder if they will start paying more attention to the large counterfeit market for Lululemon.  The amount of sites and sellers is growing rapidly and if they don't put the brakes on these people soon it will get out of hand - I can easily see it in the same category as all the luxury designers whose products are constantly found in the black market.  

Personally, I am selfish and would love a store close to home but I would be very surprised if more stores are opened in Canada - I believe their efforts will be put in the international market.  

If you had to choose a location, where would it be?

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