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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Beware Of Fake Lululemon Part IX

Another counterfeit Lululemon site has been brought to my attention.  This one uses the exact interface as Lulu's e-commerce site.  The name of this site is Lululemon Outlet and the address is The pictures and graphics are the same but the titles and wordings are not.  It is very easy to spot one of these fake sites.  It is like a scavenger site - or a "Where is Waldo?" site.  

  • Look for the wording to be different
  • Check for spelling errors - usually there are plenty
  • Most of these pages are written in broken English - most of these sites are from China.
  • The pictures are not uniform - some are copies from the Lululemon site, others are on mannequins.
  • Price - if that is not a clue, I don't know what is.  If it's too good to be true, it usually is.  There is a reason for this saying.
  • Before shopping at any of these sites look for the above if you are still not sure send them a message and wait for a reply.  Usually, the replies begin with "My Dear" , "Dear", "My Dearest", "My Darling" and broken English throughout the message.

Frankly, I find it irritating that these sites try so hard to copy-cat Lululemon's site but don't try hard enough to hide their flaws.

A poor copy of the Lululemon interface

Trying to copy the Lululemon site

Most of those colors were never made by Lululemon

Page littered with spelling errors

Broken English and misspelled words including "lulumon"

Refer to my many other posts of this subject to read about other sites - some have shut down and some are still operating. Buyer beware.

Let me know if you come across another site.


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