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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Beware Of Fake Lululemon - Part VIII

These sites are continually popping up - it almost seems like no matter how much awareness we bring to people, these sites continue to profit from unsuspected buyers.

Here is the latest scammer that is crawling the internet - the address is - the name, Canada Lululemon Clothing Outlet Sale.  They claim to be "powered by Lululemon Athletica" 

Products they offer

Their tag line

Using Lululemon Copyright 
I have not ordered from these people therefore I am unable to say if the orders are indeed fulfilled. Some of the reports I have received from several of these sites is that no only are the products received counterfeit but some of the buyers never receive anything.  In other words, these sites are used as fronts to steal credit card information.  In either case, please be diligent when shopping online - You can only find authentic Lululemon clothing at and of course at my Ebay store -


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